Major investments in association with the merger of ThermoSeed Global AB and Lantmännen BioAgri

Lantmännen BioAgri AB is applying to merge with ThermoSeed Global AB. The merger is part of the investments Lantmännen is making in the area of sustainably produced seed. With a new organisation and new partnerships, Lantmännen BioAgri aims to continue to expand its environment friendly heat treatment method into more markets.

In recent years, the expansion of ThermoSeed has been successful and the company has 12 facilities in Europe and North America today. ThermoSeed has attracted tremendous interest, and to continue to grow this business, a new executive management has been appointed and a merger between ThermoSeed Global AB and Lantmännen BioAgri will be effected. Lantmännen BioAgri is going to invest in the continued expansion of ThermoSeed, on both the European market, where two facilities in Finland and Switzerland have gone into operation, and on the North American market. The company is also investing in new job opportunities and on broader partnerships with parties in Europe. In parallel with this, Lantmännen is entering into close cooperation with former ThermoSeed Global CEO Kenneth Alness, who will market ThermoSeed outside Europe via his company, Acanova.

ThermoSeed is an environment friendly biological method to treat seed with steam instead of chemicals. The result is healthier seed of high quality and germination, while at the same time, the treatment protects the seed against fungal diseases. The unique ThermoSeed method has won numerous prestigious awards and prizes, most recently in July when Lantmännen won the Copa Cogecas European Award for Cooperative Innovation, in the Environmental Value Creation Biodiversity and Natural Resources category. The awards ceremony will be held in Brussels in April 2022.

“The new organisation, the merger between the companies, and expanded cooperation are major investments in the right direction. Lantmännen BioAgri possesses both the know-how and the network needed moving forwards, and with Lantmännen as its strong owner, the prospects of further broadening and developing ThermoSeed are very bright. I view the excellent award we have been given as a clear sign of ThermoSeed’s potential and that this is a good investment for farming of the future, not only in Sweden, but also globally,” says Anders Krafft, CEO of Lantmännen BioAgri.

In addition to ThermoSeed, the BioAgri product portfolio includes a number of biological seed treatment products and biostimulants. Read more at

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